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best standing desks

Ever thought about how you can benefit from switching over from a normal seated desk to the best standing desk? 

Sitting down behind your desk for too long may contribute to your productivity, but it does not bode very well for your health.

It’s not uncommon for an average American to be working in an office. Here, you spend an average of 8-12 hours a day, translating to about half a day of being sedentary and inactive.

People who sit for longer periods in a day are at risk of contracting various health problems. Some of these include strained neck and back, muscle degeneration, and disk damage among others.

Lower back pain and neck pain or ergonomic risks are the most common problems that you may encounter as you sit behind your desks for long periods of time. To make sure you don’t fall into these health traps, using a standing desk may help.

Reviews of the Best Standing Desk

To help you with your search for the best standing desk, here are some of standing desk brands you can check out.

Standing Desk

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The House of Trade

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Calico Designs



Varidesk Pro Plus 36

Varidesk Pro Plus 36

If you need a workspace that’s big enough to accommodate your bigger or dual monitors, you can try the Varidesk Pro Plus 36. The desk space can accommodate two monitors, your mouse, and keyboard and still have some room for your other desk accessories.

This desk is made of durable high quality materials that can withstand weights as much as 35 pounds. It has a lifting mechanism that uses spring loading to move your desk up and down quickly.

It comes already assembled. Just place the desk on top of an existing table around the house and you can start using it.

You can use the standing desk comfortably for working in both standing and sitting positions. The standing desk is also light enough that you can easily move it around.

The desk has as much as 11 adjustments levels so you can use it no matter how tall you are. It is very easy to use and adjust.

It comes in colors black and white.

What We Like

  • Big space
  • Portable
  • 11 adjustment levels

What We Don't Like

  • Costly
  • Weight capacity too low

ApexDesk Elite Series

ApexDesk Elite Series

The ApexDesk Elite Series is made of medium density fiber board. This material is stronger and sturdier than particle boards that other similar desks are made of.

It only takes 30 minutes or even less to assemble this desk.

This table is made for people who work with equipment and materials other than computers. Its top surface is wide enough to accommodate floor plans or dress patterns.

It has rounded edges so you don’t have to worry about child proofing. The ergonomically shaped desk is coated with scratch resistant laminate.

Its height is adjustable from 29 inches to 48 inches. The one-piece fixed steel beam that is placed under the desk enhances stability.

This desk is great for corporate offices and home offices as well.

This is a great desk to have if you are not looking for anything fancy. It is simple and can match any kind of home or office décor.

What We Like

  • Big space
  • Flat surface
  • Great for both computer and non-computer work

What We Don't Like

  • Pricey
  • May not fit in small apartments

Stand Steady X-Elite Pro

Stand Steady X-Elite Pro

If you are looking for a budget standing desk, you can’t go wrong with the Stand Steady X-Elite Pro. This no nonsense standing desk is simple and affordable.

This standing desk is small enough to fit small spaces like dorm rooms or small home office nooks.

It lies flat on top of any table for sit-down use and can rise to a standing desk position in seconds. It does not require a cranking mechanism for height adjustment.

The desk is assembled and ready to use when it is delivered. It has enough room for your computer, mouse, and keyboard.

The surface is coated with scratch and stain resistant material. It comes in only one color which is black.

It has a maximum height of 16 inches and a work area measurement of 28 inches by 20 inches. Its bottom is sturdy and stable enough.

What We Like

  • Attractive pricing
  • Portability
  • Great for small spaces

What We Don't Like

  • Space won't fit two monitors
  • Only available in one color

Stand Up Desk Store Adjustable Standing Desk

Stand Up Desk Store Adjustable Standing Desk

Another budget standing desk in our list is this unit from the Stand Up Desk Store. It comes with two levels: one for your computer monitor and one for your keyboard and mouse.

You can use this desk for laptops as well.

This table is made of high quality materials and can take of your equipment and supplies. It has ample space for your computer screen, your laptop, and your keyboard and mouse.

This table features a two-tier ergonomic design. You can maintain the correct posture with your arms close to your body and bent at 90 degrees and your chin parallel to the floor as you are working.

This standing desk is perfect for small spaces. It can fit on top of most regular tables.

The desk requires very little effort to assemble and use. It uses an Air Rise Pro technology to easily lift and put down the desk as needed.

This steel desk is steady and sturdy, yet it is also lightweight for mobility around the house or office.

What We Like

  • Can withstand 44.5 lbs. in weight
  • Great price
  • Fits on most small spaces

What We Don't Like

  • Some assembly required
  • Only comes in black

The House of Trade Adjustable Standing Desk

The House of Trade Adjustable Standing Desk

This is a good option if you have a dual monitor. The House of Trade Adjustable Standing Desk is one of the best budget standing desks available today.

The desk comes with two tiers for the monitor and the keyboard. It can be placed securely on top of any table or surface.

The standing desk is delivered to your home fully assembled so you do not have to set it up yourself. It supports a maximum weight of 50 pounds.

It uses a simple lever mechanism to adjust the height. All it takes is a squeeze of a lever to pull up or push down the desk.

The height can be adjusted from 6.5 inches to 16.5 inches. This means that it can accommodate anyone as tall as 6 feet 2 inches tall.

It comes in white and black models and has its own standing mat to prevent slipping.

What We Like

  • Supports up to 50 lbs. in weight
  • Easy height adjustment with a dual squeeze mechanism
  • No assembly required

What We Don't Like

  • Goes up to 16.5 inches only
  • Hard to adjust height for people with weak grip

Executive Office Solutions Adjustable Laptop Stand

Executive Office Solutions Adjustable Laptop Stand

This standing desk is a great option for those who use laptops. This is not recommended for holding standard computers and peripherals.

This standing desk measures 16.5 inches by 10.4 inches. The edge has a metal ‘fence’ so your laptop won’t slide down easily when you incline it.

It has a separate mouse holder that’s 6 inches wide and 6.3 inches deep.

It has an adjustable height. It also collapses quickly so you can take it with you wherever you go.

This standing desk can also be used to just like any other portable table. You can use it as a tray to put your stuff on, a writing desk, or a projector holder.

At the price that is going for now, this standing desk is a steal. They also offer a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the product.

This laptop standing desk is alright if you are just looking for a budget standing desk.

What We Like

  • Inexpensive
  • No assembly required
  • Comes with USB-powered fan

What We Don't Like

  • Did not feel sturdy enough to hold heavier items
  • No room for other things except laptop and mouse
  • Limited height adjustment

DeskDoc Adjustable Sit Stand Desk

DeskDoc Adjustable Sit Stand Desk

This standing desk has a 36 inch wide top tier surface. This can easily fit two monitors.

This standing desk has an extra wide keyboard tray to fit your mouse, your drawing pad, and other peripherals you might need.

This standing desk is flexible enough in terms of use. You can use it for writing or taking notes, crafting, and other activities.

This comes with a smartphone or tablet slot for your mobile device. This allows you to take calls, use your mobile device as another screen, or simply have somewhere to park your device.

The price point of this standing desk is very reasonable for its spaciousness.

An anti-fatigue mat which is a $40 value product comes free when you this standing desk. It helps reduce fatigue while you are standing.

What We Like

  • Comes with a fatigue reducing mat
  • Tablet slot
  • Plenty of room for monitors and other stuff

What We Don't Like

  • Dimensions for the top tier and the keyboard pad too deep
  • Complicated height adjustment instructions
  • Assembly required, additional fees for expert assembly

VIVO Crank Adjustable Desk Frame

VIVO Crank Adjustable Desk Frame

When you simply need a frame to use with your table top, the VIVO Crank Adjustable Desk Frame is the standing desk for you.

Made with high quality all steel construction, the VIVO Crank Adjustable Desk Frame can support weights as heavy as 132 pounds. It is perfect not just for computer work but also for other work such as drawing architectural plans and drafting.

The frame design is stable and sturdy. The steel frame has a solid middle frame support so your table won’t sag down.

The thick, all steel support system ensures that the table won’t wobble while in use.

Because it is only a frame, you can use any kind of table top to personalize your workstation.

What We Like

  • Simple design fits with any kind of home décor
  • Frame height can be anywhere from 29 inches to 47 inches
  • Has a capacity of as much as 132 pounds

What We Don't Like

  • Frame only, you will need a table top to use this
  • Requires assembly, you will need to pay additional for expert assembly
  • Crank height adjuster can be hard to rotate at times

Ergotron Workfit-D

Ergotron Workfit-D

If you are looking for a heavy duty standing desk, the Ergotron Workfit-D is the product for you. The table top of this product is walnut and its frame is high quality steel.

The steel frame has a weight capacity of up to 65 lbs. It is designed to meet US and European ergonomic standards.

The different colors light grey, birch and walnut are stylish. It can fit in any home or office design easily.

You can easily adjust the standing desk without your work being disrupted. It uses a counter balancing mechanism and a patented CF technology that lets you adjust the height of the desk with just one touch.

The table adjusts to as much as 20 inches or up to 50 inches in height. This makes it perfect for both sitting and standing while working.

What We Like

  • Designed for US and European standards in ergonomics
  • Spacious, stable, and can be easily adjusted with just one touch
  • Has a retractable keyboard tray

What We Don't Like

  • Pricey
  • Requires assembly
  • Weight capacity of only 65 pounds

Calico Designs Sierra Height Adjustable Desks

Calico Designs Sierra Height Adjustable Desks

Another budget standing desk is the Calico Designs Sierra Height Adjustable Desk. It is a good choice for apartments and small spaces.

The laminate top is 37.5 inches wide and 20.5 inches deep. Tabletop can be raised from 29.25 to 41.25 inches in height.

The table can be adjusted using a lever found at the side of the product. The casters found on either side makes the product stable and at the same time mobile.

The product requires some assembly, but not too difficult as to require an expert do it for you. It is perfect for both sitting and standing while you are working.

The table can also be used for many other things besides computer work. It can be used as a portable table or a side table among other uses.

The design of the table is simple and can fit in easily with any kind of home design. It comes in two colors, black & silver and cherry & white.

What We Like

  • Not too expensive
  • Adjusts easily
  • Can be used for many things

What We Don't Like

  • Small space
  • Design is rather basic
  • Does not look sturdy

Safco Muv Stand Up Desk

Safco Muv Stand Up Desk

The Safco Muv Stand Up Desk is the perfect desk for working while standing up but not for sitting down. This is due to the fact that it has shelves on the lower frames where your feet should be placed when sitting down.

The melamine laminate top protects the work surface and provides you with a smooth space to work on. The additional 2 shelves may be used to store other things such as a computer compact printer and other computer equipment.

The standing desk comes in three different colors medium oak, cherry, and gray. The different colors make it perfect for both modern and classic home designs.

The steel frame is made to be durable. It also has decorative side panels where you can easily hide the computer cables and cords.

What We Like

  • Comes in three different colors
  • Perfect for working while standing
  • Steel frame, durably constructed

What We Don't Like

  • Assembly required
  • Small space
  • Great only for standing, not sitting

Luxor Stand Up Desk

Luxor Stand Up Desk

This desk is one of the more spacious standing desks around. It is also very affordable compared to other standing desks of similar space capacity.

The depth and width of the standing desk is enough to fit two monitors and other work related objects. You can place your phone, keyboard, mouse and other items.

To adjust the height of the desk, you will need to use the crank located at the side of the desk. It comes in 48 inch and 60 inch sizes (height).

The table comes with 3 in casters with locking brakes. This allows for easy movement.

The design is basic and works well in various office and home interiors. The frames are made of durable steel.

What We Like

  • Spacious, can fit 2 computer monitors
  • Has wheels making it easy to move around
  • Steel frame makes it durable

What We Don't Like

  • Crank height adjuster can be tough to use at times
  • Assembly required
  • It can look bulky

Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Regular Desk with an Adjustable Standing Desk

There are many benefits to standing more than sitting. For one, you give your abdominal muscles more work when you stand. These muscles are not worked out when you are sitting. Here are more reasons why standing is better that sitting down all day:

1. Sitting for long periods of time contributes to obesity.

Over 8 hours of inactivity per day makes your body ineffective at burning fat.The excess fat accumulates and eventually makes you obese.

2. Sitting the whole day also strains the neck, shoulders, and back.

Standing results in proper blood flow and circulation to the muscles in these body parts.

3. Too much sitting results in muscle degeneration.

That means less fab abs and more unwanted flabs.

4. Sitting too long has also been linked to heart disease, high blood pressure, and cholesterol.

This makes you more prone to cardiovascular disease.

5. Standing lets your muscles work by keeping your body upright.

You also keep your glutes from becoming flat by not sitting on it too much.

6. The human body is made for movement.

You need to move so your vertebrae’s soft discs can contract and expand to soak in fresh blood and nutrients.

What Features Should You Look For In a Standing Desk?

Not all standing desks are created equal. Some of them are great while others are just so-so.

When choosing the best standing desk, you should look for something that not just fits your budget but fits your needs as well. Remember that your goal is to increase your movement throughout the day.

Here are important features to look for:

1. Adjustable height

This is the most basic feature that you need in a standing desk. This way, you can stand as you work and then sit down when you get tired.This also allows people of different heights adjust the table according to their comfort level. This is especially advantageous at home when both adults and children may need to use the desk.This makes the desk ideal for children as well since it could match their height as they grow taller.

2. Adequate space

Your standing desk should have at least a 30 inch depth to accommodate the equipment and supplies that the users may need.Note though that you need not clutter the desk with all your stuff. You need a desk with ample space to help you work efficiently and productively.Adequate space also ensures that you have enough space to place everything within arms-reach. This means you can keep working continuously without needing to leave your workstation because everything is already there.

3. Crank adjustment mechanisms

Electric and pneumatic adjusters are the most recommended types as they tend to make adjusting your desk easier. Lever type or manual type adjustments may be too cumbersome to use and for people with trouble gripping, this might prove to be harder to use.

Adjustment mechanisms should be easy to operate no matter how heavy the weight of the items on the desk is. It should not wobble as it may cause the items on the desk to fall off.The adjustment mechanisms should also adjust the desk evenly. This ensures that items such as computer screens don’t fall to the floor as you are adjusting the height of the desk.

Using a Standing Desk Correctly

Using a standing desk might sound simple. You just stand and start working.

This isn’t the case at all. To use a standing desk correctly, you need to do these:

1. Measure your height and adjust the table so that your arms are at 90 degrees while you are typing.

2. Your eyes should be at the same level as the top of your monitor. Any lower or higher and you risk straining your neck muscles.

3. The distance of your screen from your eyes should be as far as your middle finger goes when you stretch it out in front of you. Screens that are too near or too far can cause eye strain.

4. Add arm supports for standing. These can be the retractable type so that when you sit down, it won’t interfere with your chair’s arm rest.Arm supports for standing should not be used for typing. They should only be used to rest your arms in between typing.

5. Move your feet and legs constantly to keep them from getting tired.

6. Use proper posture always. Do not slouch while you are typing or hunch your back.Keep your chin parallel to the ground, your shoulders back, and your stomach in. This will prevent your back muscles from becoming sore.

7. Take breaks regularly. Breaks can mean walking around the room, leaning a bit on your desk, and even sitting down.Stretch your legs by walking around and rest your eyes by looking at other things besides the computer screen. Stretch your arms, legs, neck, and back using a few simple movements such as yoga poses and stretching exercises.

8. When you feel tired from standing up, sit down. Standing up while your work may be better than sitting down but soon your legs will tire.

Allow a few moments to rest your legs by sitting down on an ergonomic chair. Some experts also suggest sitting on an exercise ball to keep your muscles working.

Standing Desks and Your Health

Using a standing desk is a good idea if you want to keep yourself healthy. It also lowers the risk of you getting heart disease, muscle degradation, and all the other health problems a person can develop from too much sitting.

It is important that you consider all your options when buying a standing desk and not just its price. The standing desk should fit your needs, your space, and your budget so you should plan it accordingly.

Buying a standing desk is great but keep in mind there are other factors that can affect your overall health. Remember to keep a healthy balanced diet and exercise to keep your body fit and healthy.

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