Best Foot Rest for Under Desk : Reviews and Buying Guide

best foot rest for under desk

Are you experiencing prolonged fatigue, back pains or muscle cramps after a day’s work? If your answer is yes, then maybe it is time to check your work station and consider using one of the best foot rest for under desk to improve the situation.

Your work environment and your sitting position can cause physical and emotional fatigue. Long hours of sitting bring poor circulation, bad posture habit and muscles or joints strain. All these can directly affect your productivity and performance levels.

One way to prevent them is to acquire a foot rest which supports the lower back region of your body (spine, legs and feet). Foot rest is a cost-effective tool to maintain ergonomics in the work place. It provides comfort when you cannot adjust your seat.

The ideal foot rest eliminates risks of health concerns, improves performance level and promote general well-being in work environment. An ergonomically-designed foot rest will sustain your optimum energy to do your tasks effectively and keep stress at bay.

So, how to find the best foot rest? We will give you pointers and essential information about the most popular products in the market today. We believe that after reading this article, you will be more adept in selecting the best footrest for computer desk.

Reviews of the Best Foot Rest for Under Desk

We rounded up the most favorite products with best reviews among users for your perusal. Below are our top ten picks:

Foot Rest


Editor's Ratings




Fellowes - Standard




3M (Editor's Choice)


Safco - Task Master


Fellowes - Climate Control




Safco - Remedease


Econo High




Humanscale FM300B Foot Machine with Massage Balls

Humanscale FM300B Foot Machine with Massage Balls

This foot rest has massage balls which relax and rejuvenate tired feet muscles while working. The constant rocking feet movements increase healthy blood circulation. It keeps your legs muscles relaxed and soothes your tired soles.

It can be customized up to 3” positioning which alleviates pressures on your lower back muscles. The design aims to promote constant feet and legs movements to eliminate health problems including stress. It provides personalized massage therapy while performing your work tasks.

The manufacturer offers lifetime warranty.

What We Like

  • It has ball-bearing rollers which brings gentle rocking motions.
  • It has rubber feet protection flooring.
  • There are non-skid, inset pads to maintain feet stability.

What We Don't Like

  • It has a tendency to move from its position so you need to constantly reposition the foot rest.
  • It needs to be adjusted higher to maximize benefit. It may cause problems if your desk is not very spacious
  • Rollers are screwed to wood. Constant motions can cause wear and tear. Always check that if the screws are not loosen up to prevent possible harm.

Fellowes Standard Foot Rest

Fellowes Standard Foot Rest

This product has two platforms which lock and tilt independently. It allows you to adjust the height and angle of your feet to bring utmost comfort.

It relieves muscle and foot fatigue with its massaging bumps feature. Maximize its benefits by trying different sitting angles which promote good body posture.

It is an eco-friendly since it uses 100 percent recycled waste content. Its design and granite color will blend perfectly to your office furnishing.

What We Like

  • The textured surface gently massages your feet soles which keep you feeling relaxed while working.
  • It has free-floating platform which allows easy leg stretching which improves proper blood circulation.
  • Its dual-position height adjustment offers optimum comfort for users.

What We Don't Like

  • It has a tendency to slip out of place because of lack of screws at the bottom part.
  • It is made of plastic material so do not attempt to stand on it.
  • It is a little clunky and hassle to bring during travel.

Kantek Professional Adjustable Footrest

Kantek Professional Adjustable Footrest, 4 to 7 Inch Height, Black (FR600)

This product promotes comfort and well-being while you do your everyday tasks at work. It can be easily adjusted to 4 height levels and tilted for excellent angle positioning. It adjusts without hassle- quietly and smoothly. Finding the perfect height and feet position will help your maintain perfect body posture.

The massage bumps relieve feet fatigue so keep rubbing your soles gently to release stress.

What We Like

  • Its ergonomic design relieves muscle fatigue, strains and pains.
  • It has easy-glide and adjustable foot platform which allows tilting movements.
  • It has large platform with massaging bumps in the surface.

What We Don't Like

  • Its four feet platform is flat so use non-slip paddings to prevent your feet from sliding.
  • It does not lock in place. Its rocking back and forth motions can cause it to move so putting a carpet underneath the machine is necessary.
  • It is made of light, plastic material so do not attempt to stand on it.

3M Foot Rest (Editor's Choice)

3M Foot Rest, Height and Tilt Adjustable

This Charcoal Grey foot rest relieves fatigue in your back, neck and legs areas. It reduces strains and prevents injury due to prolonged, constant sitting. It is made of sturdy steel which provides stability. It has easy to adjust platform which lets you find the comfortable height and tilt position. It is slip-resistant which eliminates the hassle of feet sliding. Manufacturer offers 5-year warranty upon purchase.

What We Like

  • It has independent angle and height adjustment features. Angle adjusts up to 30° while height is up to 4" to 4-3/4".
  • It has non-skid, dimpled bumps platform which gently massage feet.
  • It is endorsed by the American Physical Therapy Association.

What We Don't Like

  • The angle adjustment can’t be locked which caused it to roll to certain angle which can be a little frustrating.
  • The edges are sharp.
  • The platform is covered with rough, abrasive coating. Place carpet on top of it for more comfortable feeling and prevent feet discomfort.

Safco Products Task Master

Safco Products 5124 Task Master Adjustable Footrest

This Task Master footrest relieves pressure points and alleviates muscle fatigue of workers especially those who stand while performing duties. It a compact foot rest which is made of quality steel. The structure and design provide maximum stability, durability and strength.

It is excellent for industrial-type, backrooms and warehouses. It can used to enhance ergonomics of employees in private offices, work stations and meeting areas which use standing desks.

The platform is covered with black powder coating which prevents scratches. Its adjustable foot platform prevents feet from constant dangling and supports good body posture.

What We Like

  • It offers 9 height range positions from 5 1/2" to 15".
  • It is made of black, heavy-gauge tubular steel.
  • It has anti-slip, textured platform which is adjustable up to 8 degree angle with button tabs that secure the locks.

What We Don't Like

  • Do not stand on it despite its sturdiness. It is a foot rest not a step tool.
  • It does not fold which can be a hassle during travel.
  • Its surface has sandpaper covering to keep your feet still. You can cover it with a carpet if it brings ticklish or fidgeting issues.

Fellowes Climate Control Footrest

Fellowes Climate Control Footrest

This product is known for its versatility and ability to bring optimum comfort. It allows feet or legs elevation which can effectively relieve back pains. It provides strong support to your spine. It offers free-standing climate control which is adjustable to suit your preferred temperature condition.

The massage bumps on the surface relieve fatigue and stress while working in sitting position. It only needs 250 watts power to be fully functional.

What We Like

  • :It has 3-temperature setting feature which includes high heat, low heat and adjustable cool fan.
  • It has a multi-function design which brings total comfort.
  • It has auto-off timer which shuts off every 8 hours to eliminate overheating.

What We Don't Like

  • Its airflow can be limited to middle 50% of the surface only.
  • The platform surface can be a bit uncomfortable because of bumps which are made of hard plastic.
  • Switching can be difficult. You need to get under the desk and adjust the dial with your fingers.

InteVision Foot Cushion

InteVision Foot Cushion with Non-Slip Nylon Cover

This product is a new, revised version of old model which brings better health benefits. It promotes healthy circulation, relieves tension and soothes tired muscles. It has highly-resilient foam cover which distributes your leg and feet weight evenly. It provides maximum support while working in sitting position. You can adjust its position using your feet because of its lightness.

What We Like

  • Its design allows your feet to find the most comfortable position while sitting.
  • It is covered with high-quality nylon and non-slip silicone cushion layer at the bottom to sustain stability even on polished floors.
  • It is hypoallergenic.

What We Don't Like

  • The small, textured and black rubber dots on the surface come off which can stick to your feet or sock.
  • The plastic feel can be discomforting. Use soft carpet or cloth to cover it for more comfortable feeling.
  • The foam is too hard and does not give “gel-like” feeling or cushioned feeling.

Safco Products Remedease Foot Cushion

Safco Products 92311 Remedease Foot Cushion

This Remedease foot rest has half-cylinder design which provides multi-feet positions while sitting down. It promotes general comfort and relieves body discomfort from prolonged work hours. It greatly supports proper posture.

What We Like

  • It has non-slip tread layer at the bottom.
  • It features medical-grade, hypo-allergenic foam cushion.
  • Its surface cover is removable and machine-washable.

What We Don't Like

  • It needs a lot of space if you will be travelling.
  • The zipper has sharp edges that can scratch the floor so refrain from pushing it with your feet.
  • It is a bit tall so you need to adjust the height level of your seat to get a comfortable position.

Econo High Portable Footrest

Econo High Portable Footrest

This product brings proper body circulation and maintains good posture during prolonged hours of sitting. It has simple but very functional designs. It is guaranteed 100% USA made. It uses high-quality materials. The new innovative design features sliding panels to allow more surface area for your feet. Its portable and foldable legs prevent hassle during travels.

What We Like

  • It is made of 100% High Gloss ABS plastic material which holds up to 100 pounds.
  • It is portable, compact and lightweight.
  • It offers self-locking features which lock while in use and retract when folded.

What We Don't Like

  • Despite its compact design and portability, it is heavy.
  • It may look sturdy but do not use it as standing stool to prevent risk of fall or injury.
  • The height is not adjustable

Kensington SoleMate Adjustable Footrest

Kensington 56144 Solemate Plus Adjustable Footrest With Foam Pad

This product uses SmartFit Sytem which allows easy set-up. It has non-skid surface that sustains stability and better foot control. Its full-feature and multi-function design aim to bring optimum leg, foot and back comfort. It gently soothes and eliminates pressure tension during working hours.

What We Like

  • It has luxurious memory foam which soothes tired muscles of feet and legs.
  • It has foot pedal control which is very convenient to use.
  • Its height is adjustable from 3.5 – 5” while the angle can be adjusted up to 30 degrees.

What We Don't Like

  • It does not go higher than 5 feet.It creates audible creaking noise when moved or rocked.
  • Angle positions are not easy to lock.

Section III: Value to Readers

According to NC University Environmental Health & Safety study, the main goals of securing office furnishings to promote ergonomics are:

  • Overcoming human limitations
  • Enhancing human abilities
  • Promoting user acceptance

Work stations must be convenient and comfortable for workers. One small piece of machine which can make a big difference is foot rest. This simple but very functional tool is designed to support the lower body parts for extended period of time and prevent them against muscle strains.

A foot rest assists you to have neutral sitting positions which bring the following benefits:

It enhances productivity

Basically, foot rest facilitates performance of tasks because of its adjustability feature. It is a vital piece of equipment which provides comfortable working position. Working with your back and feet well-supported allows you to work more efficiently.

It promotes better circulation

Prolonged sitting can cause improper and poor circulation of the blood. It brings fatigue, clogged veins and lethargic feeling.

With ergonomic foot rest, you reduce the risk of getting circulatory problems which can affect your well-being.

Foot rest helps you change positions frequently while working. You can easily adjust your hips, alter your posture, lift your arms or move your feet to find the perfect comfortable sitting position. Prolonged and static sitting position can cause leg swelling and muscular fatigue. By keeping your feet supported by foot rest, the normal blood circulation is not compromised.

It sustains proper posture

Foot rest allows you to keep the hips higher than the knees. It helps you move your feet around as often as you want and not just keeping them flat on the floor.

It keeps your lower back area in aligned position and prevent you from slouching.

It eliminates back troubles

Your spine and back muscles suffer from long period of sitting while doing your office works. Foot rest will help you sit comfortably and maintain ergonomic angles which eliminate pressures on your back region.

It allows you to have slightly reclined position while working at your computer or doing some paper works. It promotes better movements of the body.

What to look for when buying a foot rest for desk

When shopping for foot rest, always consider the following factors:

Surface Area

It must be spacious enough to fit both feet. The ideal surface is about 15” by 11” (38 cm wide and 28 cm in length).

Check if the product has non-skid surface that provide foot stability.

You can choose a product with textured or bumpy surface to massage the soles of the feet. If you prefer smooth, cushioned surface, select a brand that provides optimum comfort.

Adjustable Heights & Angles

There are foot rests that can be adjusted to different angles to tilt your feet or allow ranges of heights. The height adjustment should allow 2-5 inches. The tilt angle should have 0-35 degrees inclination.

Products with memory foams are not adjustable but have contours that bring comfort to your feet.

Weight Allowance

Check the allowable weights that the products can accommodate. However, avoid using your foot rest as foot stool during yoga practice to eliminate possible physical harm.

Cooling & Heating Mechanism

Certain types of foot rest have heat control feature to cool or warm your feet. Choose a product with adjustable fan that provide maximum warmth or coolness. Follow the product instructions to prevent possible overheating or electrical shock.


Portability means you can easily move the foot rest anywhere in the office. It must be foldable and compact to fit your suitcase during travel. The weight should be less than 2 lbs.

Brand Reputation

Check the manufacturer’s reputation, product line and experience of producing quality products. Make sure that they offer warranty and spare parts in case of damage.

Important features of a foot rest for desk


An ergonomically-designed foot rest alleviates muscle fatigue, strains and injury. It should allow easy height or angle adjustments with 7 inches minimum clearance for thighs.

The surface area must be non-skid and comfortable to your soles.

Rocker or Built-in Massage Balls

The rocking motion improves blood circulation and relieves fatigue. Check product with designs that allow you to stretch your ankles and calves back and forth with ease. The movement which is similar to driving keeps you alert and stress-free while working.

Foot Lever or Pedals

It would be best if the product has easy to adjust lever which can be conveniently changed or repositioned with simple touch of your foot. It keeps you from constant bending over to adjust the desired height or tilt orientation.


We believe that you have made a decision which among the products mentioned above suits your specific requirements. The best computer foot rest will greatly enhance your productivity and keep you happy in the workplace. It should be your personal therapy machine that sustains your general health and well-being even after work.

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