Best Active Sitting Chair : Reviews and Buying Guide

best active sitting chair

Are you looking for an alternative to your traditional office chair? You may want to check out some of the best active sitting chair in our reviews.

Desk jobs require long hours of static sitting to accomplish tasks. This sedentary lifestyle breeds many health issues like poor posture, back spasms and aching joints that negatively impact productivity in the workplace. If left unaddressed, it can also lead to higher risks of obesity, heart disease, colon cancer, and hernia.

A variety of creative solutions were developed to address this issue and two of the leading innovations are standing desks and active sitting chairs.

Standing desks are height adjustable desks that are designed to be used while standing whereas active sitting chairs are chairs that wiggle, wobble, or adjust with your every movement.

Both solutions aim to have people on their feet and out of their seats. But of the two though, active sitting chairs have a larger following because, let’s get real, although standing desks have health benefits, you can’t literally stand all day long!

Active sitting chairs allow for a graded range of movement that activates and strengthens muscles, balances joint loads, and improves blood circulation. You’re focused, get the job done and a free work out while sitting comfortably.

Reviews of the Best Active Sitting Chair

Earlier on we have outlined the benefits of active sitting and the qualities you need to look for to get the “perfect” active chair for you. Armed with this information, our goal now is to guide you throughout your chair buying journey and give you the best rated options on the market today.

Active Sitting Chair

Editor's Ratings


Swopper Stool

Turnstone by Steelcase Buoy

CoreChair CC-GS Desk Chair

Wobble Stool

Muvman Basic Sit-Stand Stool

Humanscale Freedom Saddle Seat

Hokki Stool

Learniture Active Learning Stool

Focal Upright Mobis Stand-up Leaning Seat

Stand Steady Up Wobble Stool

Kore Everyday Chair (Editor's Choice)

Swopper Stool

Swopper Stool

VIA Seating’s “The Swopper Stool” is one of the most popular active sitting chairs in the market today.

This stool promotes multi-directional movement and core muscle engagement that let you sit straight, move all sorts of muscle groups, and helps you breathe deeper, improve circulation, and get better oxygen supply to the brain.

What We Like

  • Swopper stools are flexibility and height adjustable. This feature will give you control on how much movement you want to be exposed to as you get used to and get comfortable with this chair
  • Tools are not necessary but a simple 3-step assembly is required
  • Users found the seats plush but sturdy. The convex shape of the seat encourages an upright posture and prevents pressure points at seat edges

What We Don't Like

  • Swopper stools are the pricier options in active chairs. They’re available at online retail stores and come with a 5-year warranty with every purchase
  • Prior authorization from the manufacturer is required before processing returns

Turnstone By Steelcase Buoy

Turnstone’s buoy chair reflects the movement of an actual buoy. The curved base makes the chair rock to encourage constant movement. In a buoy chair, core muscles are at work while you tilt and swivel and your legs work to keep you balanced, upright and focused.

What We Like

  • The buoy chair is comfortable for use anywhere – at home, in classrooms or in offices
  • The chair has a fabric customizable, 18” diameter upholstered cap to sit even ample bottoms comfortably while adding color to your space. There are currently 14 fabrics available for this chair-type
  • The chair’s built-in handle gives it portability and allows you to adjust height as needed
  • Having a plastic base makes easy cleaning and maintenance
  • It is affordable too! It’s one of the more reasonably priced active chairs available

What We Don't Like

  • Despite the movement the chair inspires, some users feel that this is still not designed to be an all-day desk chair. It is suggested to be best used for group sharing settings instead

CoreChair CC-GS Desk ChairCore

CoreChair CC-GS Desk Chair

Chair CC-GS desk chair goes against the convention of tall chairs. CoreChair has a low back design to offer just enough back support while encouraging proper posture with your feet on the ground.

What We Like

  • CoreChair’s low back works in conjunction with the sculpted seat to stabilize the pelvis and create a balanced spine position. This prevents slumping and promotes proper posture
  • It has adjustable resistance settings that allow for personalized mobility as you get used to the product features
  • It has adjustable seat depth and height allows for an open and comfortable hip angle

What We Don't Like

  • CoreChairs are one of the more expensive active chairs in the market today. Prices can rack to over a thousand dollars apiece but have a 60-day money back guarantee for returns and a 12-year warranty backing the product

Wobble Stool

Wobble Stool

The Wobble stool by Uncaged Ergonomics promotes the fun in active sitting. The design naturally tilts and moves under your control.

What We Like

  • The Wobble Stool has a 13” diameter seat that swivels in all directions. It has a height adjustment button underneath the seat to allow you to adjust the chair’s height to your specifications
  • The Wobble Stool has a heavy, rounded, rubber base that keeps the chair from slipping and protects the floor from scratches
  • The stool is self-stabilizing and keeps upright when unused
  • These chairs are affordable and can be found in most online retail stores. It is sold in black, blue or red

What We Don't Like

  • Some assembly is required for you to use the chair. A detailed step guide comes with the package and a how-to video is available on the website as well
  • There’s a learning curve involved in appreciating wobbling. Some have difficulty adjusting to the constant movement of the product

Muvman Basic Sit-Stand Stool

Muvman Basic Sit-Stand Stool

Muvman’s basic sit-stand stool is one of the pioneers of leaning stools. Leaning is the hybrid of sitting and standing. Let’s face it, both sitting and standing all-day has its problems. With leaning chairs, you can get the benefits of standing, movement and allowing yourself to take pressure off your lumbar region.

What We Like

  • Each Muvman stool has a good vertical adjustment range of 20 – 33"
  • The chair’s base plate allows the chair to tilt with the user’s movements. With this base, it has the unique ability to tilt at 360 degrees while the base stay on the ground
  • The grip design at the back of the chairs allows transporting it easy and convenient

What We Don't Like

  • Muvman stools are great for leaning but not for sitting on top of
  • Using leaning stools still require practice. Improper leaning can also lead to back pain
  • A Muvman stool is costly. Each purchase though comes with a standard 3-year warranty

Human Scale Freedom Saddle Seat

Humanscale Freedom Saddle Seat

Most people don’t associate comfort with sitting on a bike or a horse saddle. Freedom Saddle Seat negates this notion by helping you align your spine properly while sitting on a saddle shaped chair.

What We Like

  • Seat pan has a padded triangular shaped seat designed to have users adopt saddle postures used when riding a horse
  • The Saddle seat comes in 3 adjustable cylinder heights
  • Saddle seat’s maximum weight capacity is at 300 lbs. By far the heaviest load that the current active chairs carry

What We Don't Like

  • Learning curve in getting used to a seating position without a back nor an arm rest
  • Price range is high but each purchase comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a 15-year warranty

Hokki Stool - Ideal for Children

Hokki Stool

Hokki stools are ergonomic stools with a convex base that allows rocking and twisting movements.

What We Like

  • Hokki is ideal for kids with its lightweight and wear-resistant design. It is fun, easy to use and perfect for restless kids. Parents also get the benefit for being easy to clean, maintain and store
  • It’s cheap. Prices vary depending on the size of the chair purchased
  • No assembly required. A Hokki comes fully assembled and ready to use upon purchase

What We Don't Like

  • It is important that sizes are consulted before purchasing Hokki stools. Hokki has a no return policy
  • Although great for kids, this chair is not ideal in the workplace

Learniture Active Learning Stool

Learniture LNT-RIA3052BK-SO Adjustable-Height Active Learning Stool

Learniture’s Adjustable Height Active Learning Stool features a non-slip, curved base that allows a natural rocking motion for you to strengthen your core muscles while sitting.

What We Like

  • Allows you to alternate from sitting to standing easily with its 12” diameter seat and non-slip base that doesn’t leave marks on your floor
  • Supports a wide range of movement to keep the blood flowing
  • Learniture’s Active Stool remains to be the top low-cost option for ergonomic seating

What We Don't Like

  • Although chair height can be adjusted, the maximum height is only 27” which is not high enough for most people to use for leaning
  • The seat cushion may be uncomfortable to some and require some getting used to

Focal Upright Fs-1000-Bk Mobis Stand Up Leaning Seat

Focal Upright Active Collection FFS-1000-BK Mobis Stand-up Leaning Seat

Mobis is one of Focal Upright’s key products aimed to encourage smart investments on ergonomic and practical products ideal for modern and efficient offices.

What We Like

  • Mobis give limited lifetime warranty. Meaning some products are covered forever while parts like seat cushion and piston only have 5-year warranties
  • The chair has a non-slip and easy to clean cushion. It also has a pivoting seat leg with easy adjust handles for dynamic lift and movement
  • Seat is height adjustable from 25” to 35” and maximum user weight capacity is at 300 lbs

What We Don't Like

  • Mobis chairs are relatively cheaper than their standing/ leaning seat counterparts but remain to be one of the pricier ones
  • Best as a standing stool and not a good option as a stool for normal desk height. Leaning chairs like this still requires some getting used to

Stand Steady Up Wobble Stool

Stand Steady Up Wobble Stool for Seating Performance

Stand Steady Up Wobble Stools combines the benefits of luxury and ergonomics with this chair.

What We Like

  • The chair has a luxurious but sturdy feel. The soft gray inlay makes sitting down comfortable
  • It comes in 5 colors – black, while, teal, coral and yellow
  • No assembly required. Products come in fully assembled and ready for use
  • Easy height adjustment from 18” – 25.5” through the red wrist strap at the seat’s underside. It has a maximum user weight capacity at 275 lbs.

What We Don't Like

  • Stand Steady Up Wobble Stools have mid-range prices compared to other active sitting chairs
  • Some users feel that the seat is not comfortable enough to sit in for long periods of time

Kore Everyday Chair (Editor's Choice)

Kore Everyday Chair

Kore Everyday Chair is perhaps the most ideal wobble chair for the office setting because of controlled movements to engage core muscles while keeping the professional aesthetic in the workplace.

What We Like

  • The ergonomically designed base allows ample movement to relieve soreness and stiffness while you sit
  • Kore’s Everyday Chair works like an exercise ball but with lesser space occupied
  • Height adjustable from 22” to 31” so works great with both regular and standing desks

What We Don't Like

  • Mid-range prices compared to other active sitting chairs. Prices go up depending on the material used for the seat cushion
  • Some users feel that the chair needs to have better cushions as it does get uncomfortable after prolonged used

Why Buy An Active Sitting Chair

Active sitting chairs have many health benefits. The most obvious ones include better posture, improved blood circulation, lessened muscle and joint pains and increased mental alertness.

We oftentimes experience back and joint pain because of long hours of inactivity or exerting too much effort in strenuous activities. To relieve ourselves of the pain, we usually either sleep it off or worse yet take over-the-counter medication for it. These aren’t permanent solutions but are band-aid steps to get temporary relief. But we get used to these solutions that we’re triggered to repeat them when the issue recurs.

Like in any form of sickness, prevention is key. Active sitting chairs are designed to force the body to sit properly. Sitting properly frees the diaphragm, helping you to breathe deeper and stimulate better circulation. These chairs are also built with specific and concentrated back and hip movements to avoid stiffness in the lower body. This constant movement improves circulation in the legs and prevents problems with the knees, hips and shoulders.

The combination of proper posture and constant controlled movement doesn’t only improve body balance but stimulates your core and back muscles as well.

Aside from the physical benefits, the use of active sitting chairs help improves mental alertness, focus and concentration. Engaging in physical activities, whether exercise at the gym or incidental movements with your active sitting chairs, helps our mental powers by stimulating blood flow and delivering oxygen to the brain. This, in turn, enables you to think more clearly and be more productive.

Having fun while sitting and accomplishing mundane tasks is perhaps the last benefit we can get out of active sitting chairs. Most chairs are designed to tilt, wobble and move alongside your movements. This constant movement provides an avenue for our excess energies that is both healthy and productive.

How To Transition To Using Active Sitting Chairs

Even if there are several positive benefits with shifting to active sitting, the transition requires a certain level of habit-building patience to fully instill this into our lives.

The simplest way to start is by placing an active sitting chair in either your bedroom, kitchen, the living room or the garden. Choose to start in a place where you spend a certain amount of sitting time and while there gradually inject active sitting into your daily routine.

What To Look For In An Active Sitting Chair

Once you’ve made up your mind to try out active sitting, the next step is CHOOSING the best active sitting chair for you. The list below can serve as a checklist in choosing the perfect product for you:

Comfort and adjustability

Comfort is not a promise an active chair naturally gives but it doesn’t compromise it either.

The best active sitting chairs give the freedom to move while letting you control the amount of movement you want to have. Giving this freedom allows users to switch to active sitting with minimal to no discomfort on their end.

Another feature to look for is height adjustability. The ability to adjust chair height levels to your specifications will help your spine to be in a relaxed stance while sitting and avoid back pain.

Since it is a sitting appliance, it is best to double check the quality of the seat and seat cushion. Test the seat for comfort, support and adaptability when in motion.

Great active sitting chairs have functional and ergonomic designs that create safe, comfortable and productive workspaces. The chair’s design allows for height and movement adjustments to help users transition to active sitting while optimizing the health benefits you can get out of it.

The chair’s shape and mobility encourage better blood flow by forcing your body to positions that are beneficial to good posture. Having good posture leads to several other physical and mental benefits. For example it keeps your skeletal system in good alignment and as a result, your muscles are used properly and you are less likely to end up with pains such as backache. It also decreases stress on the ligaments in the spinal area.

Since it is still primarily a chair, the seat should allow you to sit comfortably and aptly adapt with your movement. The seat should have adequate padding to provide ample support

Easy Assembly

See if it’s easy to assemble, disassemble and store. Some active chairs require assembly of parts while others come fully assembled. For those that need assembly before use, you can check the number of steps to set it up. See if there are other how-to materials like guidebooks and instructional videos available for guidance. Preferably though, it is best to buy one that is fully assembled and good to go upon purchase.

Health Benefits

Gauging the long-term health benefits of an active sitting chair may be the hardest attribute to evaluate. Most results are visible only after a certain length of exposure to the product.

This shouldn’t stop you from getting one though.

You can research on the chairs you’re interested in by checking their website, online retail stores and any consumer-centric websites. Learn more about the product features, its recommended use and care instructions. It’s also recommended to go through actual customer reviews to understand the public’s opinion on the chair’s reliability in the real-world setting.

Price point

Most active chairs are priced between $100 to over $1000 apiece. The more popular workplace active sitting chairs come with higher price tags but these expensive chairs often come with the manufacturer’s credibility behind it as well. The product name alone guarantees that every chair is quality-made, reliable and up-to industry standards.

Granted that active sitting chairs are a bit pricey, most purchases come with a 30 to 60-day money back guarantee for product returns. This should give even the most skeptical consumer a chance to test out the product without risk of losing money.

They also have warranties ranging from 3 years to lifetime coverage. Lifetime coverage though is not available for all products. It’s limited to specific products or product parts only. It’s best to check and understand these features before making a purchase.

A great active chair should also be reasonably priced. Not everyone can spend $500 or more for a chair. But being on a budget doesn’t mean that you should settle for an inferior product.

Quality materials

Make sure the chair is made of quality materials not just for the frame but also for the cushion. Quality materials guarantee that the chair will withstand the wear and tear of active sitting.

Padding needs to be firm to ensure that the chair remains comfortable for a long time.

Chair covers need to be non-slip and easy to maintain. Ideally, should be easy to clean or wash and made with breathable fabric. Quality and durable covers will aid comfort and prolong the chair’s service life.

Quality active sitting chairs should ideally have reasonable life cycles but if parts do break or fabric wears out with daily use, you should be able to simply change the upholstery pad, saving time and money.

The Takeaway

Active sitting is still a new practice and it will take some getting used to. But with the thrust to find the optimum chair to balance both work requirements with health benefits will continue to propel experts to create the best one.

Currently though a variety of choices for active sitting abound. There are balancing balls, wobbling chairs, and sit-stand chairs for leaning. The health benefits of these chairs are widely documented but, like other products in the market, there are still a lot of gimmicks around it.

Be careful in choosing the right active sitting chair. Primarily though it comes down to two things: fit and movement.

The chair should fit not only your physical requirements but your financial capacities as well. Chairs come in a wide-range of price points. But to get the best deal, look for a chair that’s within your budget and at the same time offers the trimmings you’re looking for in an active chair.

Also, with an active chair, a certain level of movement is expected. Find a chair with the range of motion that can provide enough movement to encourage circulation and provide sufficient back and leg support as well.

There are a lot of available choices of active sitting chairs in the market today. Understanding your personal goals and matching them to the chair’s product features will help you achieve your personal goals.

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